jacked up on cheap champagne (mizbean) wrote,
jacked up on cheap champagne

Harry/Draco LDWS Round Four

There's still a few hours left to vote in the latest round Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing contest. This week's prompt is Enough with this.... There's angst o'plenty, but I'm sure it's all part of the mod's evil plan to reward us with a happy ending down the road.

There are only six drabble to choose from. Vote here! Polls close at midnight G.M.T.

I have a new obsession. Mad Men!

I'm midway through season two. I can't stop watching. I've worked in advertising for many years, and my mother was a secretary at a large Manhattan ad firm between 1962-1965 (she quit after she got married). One of her room-mates was even a model. Now I want to sit her down and see if she has any good stories.
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