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Yuletide rec and Merry Christmas

I truly hope to everyone who celebrates Christmas that it was all you wished for.

We're spending the holiday with my mom this year, which means it's a little quieter than usual, but you'll find no complaints about that from me. The roast is in the oven, my husband is hooking up the new Wii, my son is playing with a large, empty box, and my daughter is reading (♥).

I also got a wonderful gift this morning when my yuletide gift was posted. The fandom is Stardust by Neil Gaiman, and it's a romantic gem of a fic describing Una of Stormhold and Dunston Thorn's reconciliation. I know Stardust is all about Tristin and Yvaine, but I found Una and Dunston's story more interesting, maybe because I'm closer to their age. I'm a hopeless romantic and this just pushed all my buttons. And it's exactly what I asked for too.

An Instant of Understanding.
Dunstan had once hoped, although never truly expected, that he would see her again. He focused on Tristan instead, even though every day seemed to bring another reminder of Una. His laugh, his smile... Especially his smile. Truly, he was his mother's son. And yet...

Here they were, the both of them.

Una of Stormhold/Dunstan Thorn (1,045 words) Unrated but probably a G.
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