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I usually don't post memes, but this result was too good to pass up.

I write like
J. K. Rowling

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Speaking of writing, I spent an hour and a half writing longhand over the weekend. I NEVER do that. In fact, whenever I tried to write longhand in the past I end up doing more doodling than writing. But I wasn't near a computer, and I was bored and inspired. (Since I didn't have a computer, I also wasn't distracted. Hmmm... That may have had a lot to do with it.) Anyway, the fic isn't finished, and I still have to transcribe what I have, but I was pretty proud of myself nonetheless. It's the first thing I've written since hd_holidays.

eta: I've plugged in a few more of my stories. So far it tells me my HP fics are written like JKR, my Bleach fics are written like Stephen King, and a cover letter I plugged in just for yuks said Dan Brown.
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Seeing this picture reminds me, even though the 90s are long gone, I still can't bring myself quit Bill. And Carlos Bocanegra? *yum*

Anyway, go USA!
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Um... Hi!

I know, it's been since January since I posted. Sorry:-) I've been busy, then my computer died, and then, you know... fandom becomes a misty, watercolor memory.

But the last episode of Lost is on tonight, and that's something to celebrate.

Which brings me to my next thought. I just read this article about Kate Austin. While I agree with most of it, I never got the Kate hate that permeates Lost fandom. But I never fell in love with her either. Ultimately, her character was just a big disappointment for me. A wasted opportunity. What do you think?

Do you hate Kate?


I will say, I HATE the triangle. I never liked Sawyer with Kate. Never liked Jack with Kate. And if Sawyer doesn't find Juliet in the sideways universe and have that cup of coffee, THERE WILL BE BLOOD.
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My dystopia scheme (side menu bar) has disappeared!! It's been replaced by an ugly Christmas-themed top menu panel.

Has this happened to anyone else? Am I the only still using dystopia? And how do I change it back? It changed when I logged in this morning.

I put in a help request with LJ, but I would prefer to fix this on my own. Anyone? Bueller?

ETA: Fixed.
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Drabbles for Haitian Relief

Of course, we've all heard about the horrible earthquake that rocked Haiti yesterday. Scores are dead. Many are displaced. I heard a report on NPR this afternoon about doctors having to fashion splints out of magazines to set broken bones. It's almost too horrible to contemplate. However, this is the time when those of us who are able to should step up and do what we can to help out.

help_haiti is a fandom-wide effort to raise money for Haitian relief. As a way to participate I've decided to offer my drabble-writing services in the lightning round.

For a $5 recession-friendly minimum bid I will write a 100-500 word ficlet in the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Bleach or Fullmetal Alchemist. Ficlets will be posted by Friday, January 22. I'm offering five, but if my schedule opens up next week, and there is interest, I will offer more.

Comment here to bid

Here is a short and by no mean exhaustive list of where you can send donations. Apologies for the list being so U.S.-centric. I cobbled it together in a hurry:-)

~ American Red Cross Haiti Relief

~ American Jewish World Service

~ Doctors Without Borders


~ Gawker: Where to send your money (more relevant organizations listed in comments)
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More hd_holidays goodness.

OMG!! You guys, someone wrote comment porn for my [profile] hd_holidays present. I don't know what I've done to deserve such wonderful presents, but I feel very blessed indeed.

Go read!!! GUH. You won't be disappointed.

My winter holidays tour of the Midwest continues, and I'm about ready to jump in the car and drive another four hours to see more family. Happy New Year!


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