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Just an earth-bound misfit

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jacked up on cheap champagne
External Services:
  • mizbean@livejournal.com
Unrepentant HP fangirl who likes to spend her spare time dreaming of ways to get Harry and Draco to snog and do other unmentionable things.

Also a graphic designer, owner of two small children and a husband who is way too understanding about my slash obsessions.

Here you'll find my drabbles and occasional one-shots, random discussions about fandom and everyday ramblings about my personal life, the weather, my shoe collection, whatever.

Sometimes I post explicit stories. If you are under 18 please respect the ratings given.

My drabbles and fics are in my memories or on my Skyehawke page.

Communities I co-mod:
hd100, a Harry/Draco 100 word drabble community. Challenges posted every Sunday. Come join us!
serpentinelion: quality Harry/Draco fic and art.
hp_chicago, a place where Chicago-based HP fans can meet and greet!

I also co-edit:
hogwarts_today, daily livejournal-based newsletter linking the latest in Harry Potter news, discussion, and quality fan works.
hd_prophet: Harry/Draco news, fic and art.

I also keep a recs journal: teh_beanery

Age Statement: I am over the age of 30 18.

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Friending Policy:

I really wish I could friend everyone who friends me, but I can't. Please know that I do love meeting new people, so don't be afraid to comment and introduce yourself. Or not. Lurkers are welcome here too:-)

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